Prosperity Reality

For with God nothing shall be impossible. – Luke 1:37

It’s time for the possibilities of your prosperity to become a reality.

Three things you need to remember:

  • The origin of prosperity is God
  • The revelation of prosperity is Jesus
  • The administrator of prosperity is the Holy Ghost

Jesus is the revelation. The Holy Ghost puts the power in the revelation. As long as you have Jesus and the Holy Spirit on the inside of you, prosperity is possible to you. But, it must come by revelation.

Prosperity must first be birthed in your spirit. You have to get it on the inside of you. It cannot come to your hand first, because your hand will trip you up if your heart is not right. The revelation will keep you solid with God and will prevent you from going off with the anti-Christ system of this world.

You see, Jesus operated in this world by revelation from the Holy Spirit within Him. Meaning he didn’t just operate, He had divine perception. Through His finished work on the Cross, He gave us that same right. So, you must not only see what the Word says about your prosperity, you must perceive with revelation. You must perceive that when God tells you that all things are possible with Him, your prosperity is included. Don’t let the enemy deceive you into believing that anything is left out. Revelation will block the enemy from trying to come in and deceive you.

No one and nothing can stop your prosperity when revelation starts flowing in your spirit. It doesn’t matter what your family background is or what race or color you are.

Your prosperity lies in the revelation of the possibilities of your Holy God.

So, keep your eyes focused on God and Him only. You can’t look to your paycheck or how long you have had tough financial times. The reason it has taken so long is because you saw prosperity but you didn’t perceive it; therefore, it could not become real to you.

When you have a revelation that prosperity is possible for you, it doesn’t matter what your outside financial situation looks like right now. The prosperity that is in your spirit has to manifest in your outside world.


5 thoughts on “Prosperity Reality

  1. Amen Apostle Thompson! Today With Thanksgiving, Graditude And A Freshly Renewed Mind I Catch The Progressive Revelation Of Luke 1:37 – Prosperity Reality. I Totally Embrace Prosperity Reality. Three Things I Shall Always Remember : The Origin of Prosperity Is God. The Revelation Of Prosperity Is Jesus. The Administrator Of Prosperity Is The Holy Ghost. Moreover I Fully Acknowledge And Receive That Prosperity Must Be First Birthed In My Spirit. I Desire More And More, Moment By Moment, Day By Day To Perceive Prosperity By Revelation. I Will Keep My Eyes Focused On God And Him Only. My Prosperity Lies In The Revelation Of The Possibilities Of My Holy God. Amen! I Receive!

  2. Amen Apostle! I receive that when I have a revelation that prosperity is possible for me, it doesn’t matter what my outside financial situation looks like right now. I receive that The prosperity that is in my spirit has to manifest in my outside world. Hallelujah! I receive it in Jesus’ Name! Many blessings Man of God!!

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