Unlock Your Harvest

Here are seven things that will unlock your harvest:

1. Sow Your Seed. – Never stop sowing your seed. I’ve been delivered for many year, yet I’m still a sower because sowing is my lifestyle

2. Discern The Soil Before You Sow – Don’t just sow because somebody tells you to or because it feels good. Always, always, always – consult with the Holy Ghost first.

3. Sow In Faith, Expecting A Harvest At All Times – Genesis 8:22 says, as long as the earth remains there will be seedtime AND harvest. You can’t separate the two; therefore, sow with expectancy.

4. Let The Seed Go Through The Process – When you first start out, there are some seed tests you have to go through. God is checking you out to see if you can handle the type of increase He is trying to bring to you. Will you still serve Him when you get it? Will you be a good steward over what He gives you?

5. Speak Life To Your Seed – The seed in your hand and the seed in your mouth must agree. Don’t say anything contrary to what you are believing for.

6. When The Harvest Starts Flowing, Increase The Seed – You will never “arrive.” Think about how big God is. He has no ceiling.

7. Always Magnify God In The Midst Of Your Blessing!


2 thoughts on “Unlock Your Harvest

  1. Today Apostle, I approach and receive the seven princples that will unlock my harvest. I purpose to meditate and practice them as I partnership with the Holy Spirit in My Sowing to God In Love.

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